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Offer Your Customers Green Finance

Problems gaining green finance? At Clearaf we like to listen to you, because our philosophy is to then find practical solutions for you, fast. We provide easy-to-arrange leasing for a wide range of renewable and energy efficiency technologies including, but not restricted to: LED Lighting Systems, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Biomass and CHP, Voltage Optimisation, High Efficiency Drives and Motors, Building Energy Management Systems, Heat Pumps, Heat Recovery, Refrigeration and HVAC, Anaerobic Digesters, Micro Wind and Hydro.


The three most common barriers potential customers say to suppliers and manufacturers are:

'The banks just won’t fund the type of equipment I’m selling'
'I'd love to invest in green technology, but the upfront costs simply prevent me from doing it'
'We’d like to buy it, but it will probably be out-of-date technology in 5 years, so I think I’ll wait’

Clear Solution

Clearaf can remove each of these barriers for you. Using our executives' 80 years combined experience in finance and our highly qualified Green Energy Advisor, we have negotiated very competitive lease rates with our lessors on your behalf. Perhaps more significantly for you, we have also gained agreement to finance a far wider range of technologies than most green finance companies can offer.

Working with us, you can now offer your customers:

  • Affordable, regular and flexible methods of payment
  • The opportunity to ‘trade in' their technology when it becomes obsolete, and offer them another new technology deal.
  • A wide range of structures; Energy Performance Contracts, Sale & Assignment contracts to take off balance sheet, Sale of Receivables etc, Finance Leases, Operating Leases etc


"Sounds good, but currently my staff don't have the knowledge to discuss funding with my customers"

Clear Solution

We recognise this barrier and have provided a personalized, practical solution package for your company:

  • Staff with Masters-level qualification and industry experience in green technology, to offer you guidance on leasing-related sales opportunities of products in a rapidly developing technological marketplace.
  • An on-site leasing training session at your company to empower your staff to increase sales
  • A simple-to-use lease payment calculator for your staff to use, linked to our systems to automatically send your proposals to us
  • Sales-aid tools to demonstrate cash-positive savings

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