Perovskite solar panels can be used as lasers

Perovskite solar panels have been promoted as a revolutionary technology, being cheap, easy to make, and almost as efficient as silicon-based solar cells. The latest research shows that perovskite is also enormously luminous, increasing the possibilities for use and suggesting that this is just the beginning for the humble mineral.

We've previously reported on the remarkable material perovskite and it's utility to solar photovoltaic technology. Being cheap and readily available, it already has some advantages over traditional silicon-based solar cells, principally in domestic and business uses.

As energy demands grow larger and larger, our current inferstructure will be unable to cope unless we can drastically increase the amount of renewable energy sources available to us. Hence why perovskite has solar researchers so excited.

The addition of a new property to perovskite, therefore, is rather interesting. Such is the luminosity of perovskite that it can be used to generate a laser, at about 70% the strength of the energy poured into it. That's a pretty decent number considering the perovskite needed almost no properation for this laser-shooting ability.


While this ability may be useful in a direct sense, using perovskite in commercial lasers, this proven level of luminosity, with very little perperation of the material, demonstrates that perovskite has the ability to rise even further in its efficiency in solar PV use.

Perovskite PV efficiency is at about 17% at the moment, after only a couple years' study. Silicon-based. Commercial silicon solar cells are generally around 20%, but there's no reason to think that perovskite couldn't match, and beat this efficiency level in the coming years.

Hopefully perovskite solar cells will play out as the research suggests, giving us all cheap and green energy for our businesses and homes.


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