The exciting developments in security systems are all happening in software

First posted 13th September 2013

CCTV technology has always found a home in the UK. Although security cameras are the best they’ve ever been, developments in equipment are beginning to plateau, with the focus simply on making the best camera systems more affordable. The associated software, however, is steaming ahead, powered on remarkable innovation a healthy CCTV industry. We look at how acquiring these systems on finance could make the best technology available to everyone.

Having the most up-to-date CCTV system is a must for most businesses in the UK, but getting exactly what equipment you need for your security can be cripplingly expensive. With millions of pounds being pumped into developing advanced security systems every year, businesses of every size are looking to upgrade, from corner shops to airports. The UK has embraced the use of CCTVs like no other nation – there are an estimated 5.9 million cameras aimed at the public, according to figures release by The British Security Industry Association – and the number continues to grow. That’s one healthy industry.

Glasgow is becoming the latest city to adopt the latest CCTV technologies, eager to invest a £24 million government grant to making the city more secure. Called “super intelligent cameras”, the proposed security system would have a level of automation to be able to identify unattended bags or possible suicide risks on bridges, not to mention the facial-recognition capabilities in the software. The project would involve the installation of 400 of these cameras in public spaces, and Glasgow City Council hopes that the city will act as a security ‘blueprint’ for other cities to emulate.

Let’s hope that the government body that gave the grant to Glasgow, the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), continues to support the use of state-of-the-art CCTV technology in the UK. Much like the slick camera system, we’ll be watching closely.

Audio Analytic have been developing sound-recognition software. With software capable of detecting gunshots, breaking glass or even aggressive voices, the ability to tailor a security system to your particular venue is endless. Hospitals and prisons have found the software particularly useful, and the potential to meld the technology to policing city centres is fantastic. Audio Analytic even offer the monitoring of industrial equipment, to let you know as soon as your biomass boiler beings playing up again!

It’s incredible stuff, and not in the least bit creepy. We at Clear welcome our new robotic overlords.

Of particular interest to the management of crowded areas is the ability to accurately identify individuals by the way they walk. The problem with facial recognition software in places such as airports is that faces are rather malleable and easy to obscure, not to mention that it can be almost impossible to have an image of high-enough resolution to recognise a single person in a massive crowd. Our gait signature, as it is called, is as unique as our faces are, and has the added benefit of being able to be identified from a long way off, and amongst a huge number of people. We imagine faking your walk is also much harder than, say, wearing dark sunglasses or a balaclava. The potential benefits to airport security are enormous!

And once again, definitely, definitely not creepy.

The nice thing about leasing CCTV systems such as the above is that Clear Asset Finance offer 100% financing on software, which is where security technology is really flourishing. Alongside that lovely new alarm system, you could also lease the software that will transform a simple recording device into an active and dynamic security system. With finance, you have access to a better and wider range of assets. You can also avoid tying-up your cashflow in expensive purchases, and interest rates are frozen over the term of the contract too. Best of all, funders are keen to invest in security equipment – it’s a solid and necessary industry.