Legoland Florida runs entirely on renewable energy for a day

First posted 22nd April 2014

For Earth Day 2014, LEGOLAND Florida (it's always all-caps, apparently) has decided to go full green, being powered entirely by renewable energy... but only for a day, sadly. Let's see how much more energy-consumption we could offset with renewables!

LEGOLAND Florida (I'm going to stop writing that in caps because it just looks silly) claims that they are the first park in America to run purely on renewable energy for a day. This is a proof of concept that a commercial, energy-guzzling enterprise can certainly offset an enormous chunk of their energy requirements.


While it is a shame that Legoland will only be able to support this for a day, the educational attractions they've set up for their visitors today will undoubtedly be the biggest legacy from what a cynic might call a PR stunt, or what an optimist might call a ground-breaking step forward.

We're glad to see that Legoland will continue to power the section of the park "Imagination Zone" (we imagine that it's lovely) purely through renewable energy. Combine this with the park's dedication to recycling since its inception in 2011, and we're mightily impressed with Lego right now.

Not least because of our love for The Lego Movie.

The park estimates that by switching to renewables for a single day, it's managed to offset the environmental damage of about 3 cars off the road for a year. It may not seem like much in the face of such continuing and overwhelming environmental damage, but it's a start, and imagine if the set-up was permanent and spread beyond a single themepark.

Such is the development of renewable energy technology that it's perfectly reasonable in 2014 to offset a huge amount of you energy with green technology. It's cheaper, it's better for the environment, and prices are stable, unlike the frequently hiking price of grid gas or electricity.

The biggest reported obstacle for businesses incorporating green energy into their business is the original capital cost of the equipment. Thankfully, that's what Clear Asset Finance is here for: asides from being able to find funding for a huge number of efficient or renewable technologies, we also offer a Free Solar facility, in which the solar PV equipment & maintenance is completely free and you just pay for the energy you consume.

Which is pretty nifty.


Vincent Kenny