Scottish Independence

In less than two weeks Scotland will be voting for independence. All the polls are very close to whether the voting public are going to vote for yes to independence or no to continuing with Great Britain.

Alistair Darling who has worked at Westminster in a number of departments in Tony Blair’s time and Gordon Browns time has said in previous debates that Scotland would not be able to survive as independently as they would have problems due to security, oil and much more. Alex Salmond thinks that Scotland would survive independently with creating jobs with the oil.

If Scotland go Independent Scottish companies such as Standard Life and the Royal Bank of Scotland have threatened to move their businesses to London, and the stock exchanges are keeping an eye on the market as the pound is rising and falling to other currencies.

This last week the different parties from Westminster have been visiting Scotland to promote the better together campaign to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Scotland will not be united and Great Britain will lose its identity of being United Kingdom.