What a Tory government will mean for business

Now we know who will be at number 10 over the next five years, businesses can begin to look forward.

We have been given an insight into Cameron’s plans, but what could this mean for you and your business.

A majority government allows the one political party to have full control over their policies, (if we take any Eurozone legislation out of the consideration) a luxury business can only dream of. However a reduction in regulations & the "cutting of red tape" is something which has been promised.

Furthermore investment in high-speed broadband appears to be around the corner, making it easier for SME’s to have access to an internet speed suitable for the fast-passed world we find ourselves in. This is likely to be music to the ears of many, as increased connectivity is something we are becoming increasingly reliant on.


Were these promises fulfilled, it would support to the repeated Conservatives assertion that SME’s are “the lifeblood of the economy”, a statement which they have continually referred to throughout their election campaign. Not a particularly controversial statement, but time will tell if they're able to back this up.

However, increased completion can be expected, with the number of business start-ups look set to reach 600,000 by 2020 through the help to grow scheme. A plan based on a currently successful German business model, designed to plug the gap encouraging manageable growth, avoiding market sectors being dominated by a monopoly.

A topic which ls more likely to have split views, is the proposed Europe in/out referendum.

The connection between change and uncertainty, elements which could have played a part in the recent election result, (supported by a Small business owner’s letter to the conservative party) are likely to also be at the forefront of people’s minds on the topic of a Eurozone exit.

The promise for an in/out  EU referendum has stalled UK growth. With businesses reluctant to invest in a country that may soon back out of the Eurozone, CBI has cut the UK's growth forecast.

It’s a subject which has been brought to light through the pressure received from individuals who want their say on the subject, however the possibility of an out vote reinstating barriers currently removed in relation to international trade, is likely to be a big concern.   

That is why a reform of the current agreement is something Mr Cameron has said he is pushing for, but how likely this is, is another matter entirely. We will all just have to wait and see on this one, as or views are likely to come to some kind of conclusion based upon how successful the proposed reform is and what the new agreements include.

A number of tech companies have been quietly leaving the UK since it was announced that the Snooper's Charter is being given even more expanded powers to collect data from private citizens. Aside from the human rights & legality questions this poses, this may also harm innovation and success in the industry.

As for business as usual, Marion Dakers, the financial services director of the Telegraph, believes it will be far from this. But any concerns could be quickly be put to bed, with many business owners understanding that it’s better to be in the fight than out of it all together and business investment is needed for UK growth, further work is inevitable.