Welcome to the Clear Q&A


Who are Clear Asset Finance?

Since 2011 Clear Asset Finance has been an alternate source of funding to UK businesses, we are the result of our Three Directors vast industry experience and their joint belief that they could successfully provide greater choice to UK businesses, in a way which is concise & easy to digest.   

The positive feedback we have received from our customers that distinguishes us from our competitors, is our ability to secure the best rates across all market sectors.

Clear are now made up of an ever growing team of passionate individuals, who make sure we have the knowledge & expertise to provide the best customer service possible.   

What are the main differences between Clear Asset Finance & a bank? 

A bank offers their own finance rates & solutions.

Clear offers finance rates & solutions from over 40 carefully selected funders, from some of the biggest names to those more niche and specialist. You can therefore be sure all has been done to find the finance that's right for you.

Who is eligible for funding?

All UK businesses. You might be buying from abroad or have offices around the globe but as long as you have some form of trade in the UK, all applications are considered.

How long are Clear's finance terms?

Anything between 3 months & 10 years, this all depends on your business & the finance solution you are considering. 

Is there a fee for a finance quote?

All quotes are free & can be provided within minutes. The proof is in the pudding, speak to one of our helpful, friendly & UK based team today on, 01277 239932.